Supermodel Tyra Banks recreated JLo's iconic Versace dress

Jennifer Lopez has changed the way in which she dresses for any awards' presentations. However, even twenty years later, we all still remember her wearing her most iconic night gown which many stars wants to wear. Scroll to see the pictures!

  • Latina singer is Hollywood's best paid star.
  • 'Jenny from the block' is a mother-of-two now: Emme and Max.
  • 51-year-old JLo has a body which is worth envy, and appearing almost naked was something most women wouldn't even dare do.
JLo on the Golden Globe Awards. Source: Getty Images

If anybody thinks about Jennifer Lopez and tries to visualize her, everybody will surely remember her iconic green Versace dress she wore for the 2000 Golden Globes when she was still P. Diddy's girlfriend. That night gown become so popular people around the world knows which one we are talking about.

JLo in 2000, and JLo in 2019 wearing the same dress. Source: Getty Images

Some people even call it 'the naked dress', and many others believe only 'Jenny from the block' can wear it just as she did. In fact, even 20 years later women recreate that incredible gown. On 2019, JLo wore it again in Versace Spring 2020 fashion show Milan due to the dress 20-year-anniversary. The 'jungle print' (tropical green palette and resort-inspired pattern, even her sandals were jungle-like) is so looked for that Donatella Versace decided to recreate something like that using Versace chiffon scarfs.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks on 'Dancing with the strs'

 'Dancing with the starts' host appeared on the show wearing a recreation of 'Waiting for tonight' singer's most iconic dress. Although the supermodel was not showing her whole body as JLo was back in 2000, it was a pretty similar made by Versace.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna . Source: The Blast

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills decided to wear a similar version of the dress as well on Halloween 2019. When Lisa posted the dress on her Instagram account, even 'Let's get loud' singer commented on how good she looked wearing it. Latina actress saw the post on the social media thanks to her fiancée Alex Rodriguez who showed it to her.

Jenny from the past, and today's. Source: Getty Images

The mother-of-two always remembers what she felt the moment she appeared wearing the night-almost-naked-gown. All of a sudden all the flashed turned to her, and she could even hear people murmur behind her back. She felt a different kind of energy. However, she did not realize it was because of the dress, until Diddy explained it to her.

2000 JLo on stage. Source: Breaking News

'Jenny from the block' even remembers the moment she went on stage to present the award: she was wearing basically nothing on the front, and the wind just let all the spectators sneak every other single part of her body. Now, I wonder. I wouldn't dare wear such a dress, would you? Check the video of her presenting the awards on 2000. Don't forget to post your comments below! 

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