BTS interacting with their fans BTS interacting with their fans

Someone called the cops on the BTS Army during the concert!

The BTS boys from South Korea are known to ignite chaotic energy in their fans with their amazing performances. Now, imagine yourself watching your favorite people on earth performing live, and a few moments later you hear a knock on the door. You pause the streaming, only to find two masked cops asking you if you’re okay. A member of the BTS Army just shared her experience. The hilarious details of the event are mentioned below, enjoy!

  • BTS is a seven-piece band that was formed in 2010
  • The band hosted a virtual concert where they promoted their album, Map of the Soul: 7.
  • Jung Kook, Suga, Jimin, Jin, J-hope, V, and RM took turns to perform solo acts, and group dance routine to entertain more than 900k fans that streamed their concert. 
A visual from BTS's virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON:E

We all know what happens every time we hear those gorgeous men from BTS sing. The upbeat music paired with their iconic choreography force you to give in to the rhythm and start moving around. Seeing them perform after such a long time had the same effect on their fans as they tuned into their virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON:E

In Melbourne, Australia, a fan was enjoying her musical night with the BTS boys when the police showed up at her house. Normally, when the cops show up at your place, it's concerning. However, in her case, she was quick to realize that the screaming at the boys as a token of appreciation to their music might’ve caused this situation.

She took to twitter, informing people about the turn of events that took place and the rest of the Army found it amusing. To explain herself, she invited the cops over to watch the concert with her. They soon realized what they’ve walked into and after making sure everything was okay, the officers left. 

Hands down, this moment was more entertaining that the boy’s performances. What if this stunt brought in two new members to the Army, the police officers. How would’ve you explained yourself if the police showed up at your door as you were enjoying a concert? 

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