Selena in acid green dress at the AMAs

Selena Gomez shares her no-makeup look to show her ‘real self’!

Selena Gomez continues to prove that superstars like her are just like us! Behind all the shine and glamor are just ordinary people who love their bare face and look out for moments they can avoid make-up. Want to know how she looks without any make-up on? Continue reading to find out!

  • Selena is a 28-year-old American singer and actress
  • The $75 million worth artist is also the producer of the Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’
  • She is an active advocate for mental health and body positivity
Selena Gomez at AMAs 2016

"I don't want to see your bodies on Instagram. I want to see what's in here . . . If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken."  

Remember these iconic lines from Selena’s speech at the American Music Awards of 2016? The young artist is a strong supporter of promoting body positivity and she is definitely doing a great job at it. 

Selena and Francia after surgery

Selena underwent a kidney transplant in 2017. For years after it, she struggled with accepting her surgery scars. However, one day she regained her confidence and posted a picture on September 24th 2020 displaying her scars. It took her three years to make peace with them but eventually, she started loving her scars! They became prove of her strength and we are very proud of her. 


Now Selena is promoting the acceptability of one’s bare face. The singer did this by posting a series of photographs of her bare face with glasses on and hair tied up. Isn’t she still looking stunning? 


Selena’s confidence is worth applauding. She went through an emotionally abusive relationship with Justin Bieber and a kidney transplant at such a young age. Despite all this, she remains positive and promotes self-love. I am definitely in awe of her beauty. What do you think about her message?



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