SHINee: The heartwarming return of Key from military service SHINee: The heartwarming return of Key from military service

SHINee: The heartwarming return of Key from military service

The reaction of the fans was priceless. After waiting for this moment, the member of the popular K-pop band SHINee, Key, was relieved on October 7 from his mandatory military service duties. He shared the news on his Instagram account with a heartwarming message. See all about this incredible moment below!

  • The members of the band were Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Sadly, in December 2017, Jonghyun passed away.
  • Key was born on September 23, 1991, in Daegu, South Korea.
  • He returned home on October 7 after finishing his military service duties. 

In South Korea, military service has existed since 1957. All male citizens that have an age from 18-28 years old must perform this obligatorily. Did you know this?

After completing his duties in the service, the K-pop singer shared on his Instagram the most expected news. He assured his fans that he is back and healthy after all this time.


Key also record a rousing message on SHINee’s official website. “Hello everyone, it’s Key! The day has finally come that I never thought would come for me. I’m back and healthy, and I want to sincerely thank everyone for waiting for me," he said at the beginning of the audio. 

Key and Onew

He was the second member of the band who enlisted in the military draft after leader Onew, who was also discharged this year. Key finished his audio message saying: "Once again, thanks for waiting. See you again with bright and happy smiles very soon, see you!

On Instagram, the artist posted a picture sharing the news in which he was dressed in military uniform yet. He was holding a goodbye cake and seemed to be really happy. 

Key at the supermarket after coming back home. Source: Instagram

His fans went crazy about his arrival and wrote tons of loving messages to him on the post. One of them wrote:  'Welcome back,' with lots of crying emojis. We assumed she was crying because of happiness. 

Key at the military service. Source: Twitter

It must be a relief for him to have more time now for sharing stuff with his fans and also maybe make some new music. What do you think about it? Is SHINee going to delight our ears again with new songs? You can watch Taemin last video meanwhile:

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