6ix9ine the rapper

Rapper 6ix9ine reveals the secrets of hip-hop artists

He has been call a "snitch" for talking to the FBI about his former gang related activities and reducing his 47-year jail sentence. 6ix9ine is out now after being less than two years in jail, and he is revealing secrets from the industry that nobody knew before. Watch the following video below!

  • Daniel Hernandez is his real name. He grew up in New York in the dangerous neighborhood of Bushwick.
  • He has a net worth of $10 million, assets for $5 million and two daughters.
  • The rap star went to the #1 online podcast called Impaulsive from YouTuber Logan Paul and talked about issues no one heard before!

After being released from jail, 6ix9ine launched several songs that broke streaming records on YouTube like "Tutu" that has over 60.000.000 views already.

If you just saw the video of the podcast...well ok we know he isn't Shakespeare talking, but Daniel is honest. Honest with himself, with the world and with the hosts YouTuber Logan Paul and his friends Mike Majlak and George Janko.

He revealed that he got involved into the gang because it was his world, and thought that everyone on the rap world did the things that they talked about in the lyrics.

George Janko, 6IX9INE, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak in California during the Impaulsive podcast show.

Just as him. But then, he came to the conclusion that no one was a murderer or fought against the police. Of course, it might seem hard maintaining a successful music career in the United States with a criminal record, being on jail or under investigation.

We all know entertainment business is a different world, and they want to talk to their public, like hip-hop Drake that manages to be on the top for more than 15 years.

As Hernandez realized, we should always take into consideration that everything we might see or hear it isn't true, and take advantage of the incredible beats these artists can drop and their colorful music videos that sometimes make no sense, but we still love! 


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