Take this Lady Gaga's quiz! Take this Lady Gaga's quiz!

Quiz: Can you recognize Lady Gaga's MVs from just one of their scenes?

Lady Gaga's music videos are art too, can you recognize them from just one of her scenes? Check it out with this quiz

Surely you have not been able to stop watching Lady Gaga's MVs and they are amazing, but can you remember them perfectly? Our quiz will tell you.

Lady Gaga is a great artist, she has given us great songs since her beginnings and every track she releases has become a great hit. We cannot deny the great talents of this amazing singer who has delighted us with her music and her performances, there is much we can admire about her.

If there is something that we can also highlight about Gaga, it is her music videos, she has released great MVs in which she tells us different stories that are consistent with her songs. She has proven to be a great actress and put a lot of creativity into these videos that serve as visual support for each song.

Surely you have seen many of Lady Gaga's MVs and maybe you even have your favorite, there are some that we really can't miss because they look like true works of art. And also this artist has revealed more of herself to us in her videos. Every fan loves to see them and has enjoyed them since their premieres.

Do you think you can perfectly remember Lady Gaga's MVs? Here we have a quiz that will put you to the test with just a few of the scenes in her videos.

Quiz: How well can you remember Lady Gaga's MVs?







Did you write all of your answers? Let's check the quiz results!



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