Our 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time!

Our 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time!

Over the last year we uploaded hundreds of videos and thousands of articles concerning American music, K-Pop, breaking news, health and more. We were curious to see which videos made it to the top! Check the list out below!

10) The 3 most hated female K-pop idols: + 714,000 views

You won't believe all the crazy reasons people have to hate on K-pop celebrities! In an industry, which is as competitive as the K-pop one, women have to work hard to prove themselves. Even the smallest mistake can cause their career to end.

9) The 3 funniest wardrobe malfunctions of Blackpink!: + 732,000 views

Every performer has experienced the misfortunes of a wardrobe malfunction at least once. Due to the carelessness of the stylists, an idol may face mishaps with their clothing. In 3 different events, the members of Blackpink faced such issues. Jisoo's top unbuttoned during a performance, Jennie's dress was too short and Lisa's pants had a chain which broke! Oh no, how did they handle these situations?

8) Is K-pop singer Lisa from Blackpink the next American star: + 733,000 views

The South Korean band member, also known as Lalisa Manoban was born in Thailand in 1997, made her career in Asia and now has millions of fans across the United States. After the collaboration with Selena Gomez and her band  Blackpink  ‘Ice-Cream’, she could become the new face of American beauty standard. Her incredible talent, beauty and dance routines have amazed everyone! 

7) 3 random BTS facts no one has ever told you about: + 735,000 views

The band is not as open as they seem to be! There are a few facts about the members which hardly anyone knows about! Even the hardcore fans are unaware of them. Want to know the top three secret truths about their personalities?

6) 5 secret facts about millionaire Maria Sharapova: + 842,000 views

The tennis star has many secrets that were recently revealed. Here are the top 5.

5) Top 3 reasons why Jisoo makes the best leader in Blackpink: + 921,000 views

In the K-pop world one person is assigned the role of the leader at debut. How come the most popular girl group in the world does not have one? The 4 Blackpink girls revealed that they all play the role of the leader but the question is who is the best?

4) The 3 most hated male idols in K-pop!; + 1,000,000 views

In a world of fame and perfection, idols are under immense pressure to be flawless. Even the most mundane habits like dating or smoking can end big careers! K-pop contracts have strict rules, even livestreams are monitored by managers. Big stars like BTS' RM, Exo's main dancer Kai and idol-actor Astro's Cha Eunwoo are common targets of netizens. See your favorite K-pop boy in this list? Would you like to know why these men get so much hate?

3) Meet the 19-year-old girl who choreographed BTS’ song ‘ON’: + 1,077,000 views

The South Korean boy band is not only famous for its strong vocals but also for ground-breaking dance performances. One of the most difficult choreographs was observed in the group’s song ‘ON’, released on February 21st, 2020. However, even more surprising is the  fact that the dance in the video was the brain child of a 19-year-old teen dancer!

2) Foods you can eat without gaining weight: + 2,079,000 views

It's possible if you choose the right foods. Filling foods are those that are high in volume and in proteins. High volume foods are those that contain a lot of water or air. These do a good job satiating you without adding calories. Foods high in protein are more filling than those high in carbs or fats.

1) Singers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake reunite after 20 years: + 2,418,000 views

The pop singer, whose net worth is $59 million, has managed to make peace and expressed it through her social networks. It looks like the past is behind and the diva is ready to keep fighting for her new love, Sam Asghari, but doesn't forget her former NSYNC crush.

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