Offset rescued Cardi B before she exposed her private parts Offset rescued Cardi B before she exposed her private parts

Offset rescued Cardi B before she exposed her private parts

The internet went crazy after the WAP singer accidentally posted a shirtless photo today, however, it’s not the first time of the rapper doing this. Previously, the singer was rescued just in time before her intimate parts got exposed in front of the hundreds of cameras at Grammy Awards 2020. All thanks to her then-husband Offset! Scroll down to see the video of the estranged partner helping his wife get herself together!

  • Cardi B has been setting the internet on fire since her 28th birthday bash. 
  • She began by posting the photos of the party she threw in Vegas that included alcohol, twerking, dollars splashing in the air, and what not!
  • The latest and the biggest the singer made is accidentally posting her shirtless photos on her Instagram stories that left everyone's jaws dropped.
  • Back in January 2020, the celebrity almost exposed  to thousands of cameras at the Grammy Awards gala but Offset covered it with her hands before it all went loose!
  • The accidental photo has been removed from the Internet by the Web Sheriff, authorities on the network for removing private content. 

A day after the musician posted photos and videos of her lavish birthday bash, the rapper was trending for accidentally posting a picture without clothing. She took it but it went directly to her Instagram stories where she has more than 77 million followers!

Offset was there to save her! Source: Rex

We’re here to tell you, it’s not the first time that something unexpected is coming from the celebrity.

Back in January 2020, at the Grammy Awards party, her revealing dress almost lost its control and nearly slipped off of her chest! Nothing would have been left to imagination if Offset, her ex-husband, wasn’t there to cover it up!

Love is back in the air after they spent together her 28th birthday. Source: WireImage

The Clout singer’s mindfulness kept things under control as he instantly put his hand on Cardi’s breast to cover the destruction that was yet to come.

Does it conclude that Offset is the one who saves the WAP rapper from such mistakes?

Perhaps if Kulture’s father had been there as well, nothing would have gone so far.

Anyways, there’s no use of crying over spilled milk. However, we expect the songwriter to be careful in the future because she's no ordinary person. In fact, she influences millions of people through her social media profile that has over 77 million followers!

Despite what everybody might say, the couple are still holding eachother. Source: Getty

Part of her magic is exactly that careless posting and many fans love that about her because she is real! There also several people that say they just do it for the 'gram.  What does this mean? All the buzz about their split-up and going back and forth is only for getting press and money... but at this point where they have a combined net worth of almost $40 million we think that is no longer necessary!

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