What makes Doja Cat's Mooo! so special? What makes Doja Cat's Mooo! so special?

Mooo! by Doja Cat is one of the rapper's most special songs and here's why

Perhaps one of the first Doja Cat songs you heard was 'Mooo!', what makes it so special?

'Mooo!' by Doja Cat was probably a meme that became a hit, but there is so much about this song that makes it so special and in the end it went viral and very catchy.

Doja Cat is one of the biggest singers in the industry right now. She has taken fans from all over the planet with her incredible songs, every single track she releases ensures success for this rapper. And we cannot deny that she has great stories, experiences and more in each song.

Now we have a lot of popular Doja songs, maybe a lot of fans couldn't get over 'Say So', 'Woman' or 'Kiss Me More'. And there are also many lesser known tracks by this singer that are definitely worth a lot and are on every Kittens' playlist.

Perhaps the first song to go viral from Doja Cat was 'Mooo!' a very funny and catchy song that conquered the world. There were even fans who took this song as a meme, but it actually showed a lot of Doja's talent. And now it has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

But what makes 'Mooo!' so special? Here we tell you the story behind this song so you know more about this Doja Cat track.

What makes Mooo! special? Get to know the story of this Doja Cat song

Doja Cat released 'Mooo!' in 2018's 'Amala' album, it all started when one of her friends sent her a sample and she heard it as fun and happy, so she wanted to make a song with it. But she wasn't in the mood to do any love songs, she just wanted to relax and have fun doing this new track. The first phrase was the chorus since the singer had a shirt that said that phrase: 'Bitch, I'm a cow'.

Doja put all her creativity into this song, she even wrote it, produced it and listened to the first live preview with her fans who quickly found the song to be a lot of fun.

Why Mooo! of Doja Cat became a meme?

The lyrics of Mooo! by Doja Cat were what turned the song into a viral internet meme. People found them a bit ridiculous but fun and it's all thanks to Doja's great ingenuity with music. This was definitely his first viral hit.

 These heifers got nothin' on me
Steaks high, need a side of collard greens
Cash rules everything around me
Ice C.R.E.A.M, ice C.R.E.A.M.

We all love Mooo! by Doja Cat | Twitter: @eltrotiaord

 Doja Cat is great and now we can see her evolution as a writer and singer but we will never get over how special and fun 'Mooo!' is.

Keep reading more about Doja Cat, here we have some childhood photos of this rapper so you get to know how much she has changed since then.

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