Miley Cyrus singing "Party In The USA"

Miley Cyrus was the hero who saved Rockin' Eve 2021

The singer's performance in America's most-watched show on New Year's Eve marked a new milestone in her career. Read on to find out why Miley Cyrus saved Dick Clark's Rockin 'Eve 2021.

  • Twitter fans are more than grateful to the former Hannah Montana for the performance she delivered on December 31st, 2020 from Los Angeles for the Rockin' Eve stage.
  • She kicked off the show with a rockier version of her 2009 hit “Party In The USA.”
  •  Later, dressed in leather, she delighted everyone with “Prisoner” from her seventh studio album Plastic Hearts. 
  • Almost reaching midnight, she was encouraged to sing the mash-up “Edge of Midnight” live for the first time, the epic collaboration she made with Stevie Nicks, splashing elegance with a feather mini dress.
Miley Cyrus at Rockin' Eve 2021.

Everyone agrees that the best performance of the night was Miley Cyrus by far.

Of those surveyed on Twitter, nearly 78% voted for the 28-year-old artist's performance.

Thanks to her great voice and stage evolution and also thanks to some fiascoes of her colleagues who performed at the gala.
Jennifer Lopez's performance was voted by only 5.5% of Internet users.

The version “Dream On” of Aerosmith that JLo delivered did not please the fans who also had funny comments about the mask that she wore at the beginning of her performance in the mythical Time Square in New York minutes before midnight.

Jennifer Lopez at Rockin' Eve 2021.

We'll never forget Cindy Lauper and Billy Porter's bizarre EDM inspired version of her 80s hit “True Colors”.

Endless memes emerged from this performance of the 67-year-old singer.

A screenshot from Twitter.

However, Miley Cyrus actually shone on her own and proved once again that she is one of the best singers of her generation.

Smiley already revealed that despite having released an album on November 27th, she is already working on the next one.

We can't wait to see what surprises Miley Cyrus has in store for us in 2021.


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