Miley Cyrus reveals she will release a Metallica cover album

The Midnight Sky singer is all over the news these days. The pandemic break seems to have enlightened her  from an artistic point of view.  This is how she expressed it herself in an interview and also revealed that she is already preparing a tribute album to Metallica.  

  • Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer actress and songwriter that begun her career in 2006 starring the TV series Hannah Montana.
  • Throughout her career the artist has grossed an estimated net worth of $160 million.
  • Plastic Hearts is her 7th studio album and is due to be released on November 27th. 

A couple of days ago the 27-year-old singer revealed in an interview that she is in the process of creating a tribute album to the iconic metal band Metallica.

Lately Miley is more rocker than ever and apparently the pandemic inspired her to deepen her metal self.

These days we have seen her cover Blondie in the song Heart of Glass and also The Cranberries with Zombie.

These two songs will be included in her 7th studio album Plastic Hearts which will be released on November 27th.

Some Metallica fans are not very happy with the news as Cyrus is a representative of pop culture.

Others however have a much more progressive and intelligent thinking indeed.

They feel that the fact that someone with more than 116 million followers on Instagram makes an entire album of covers of a band like the great Metallica is going to give the genre new fans, is going to inspire new artists to create metal.

Miley Cyrus performing

Of course this is the kind of thinking we should have.

This girl is a great artist, and she is proving to be wild live.

Has the strength that a rocker should have and the talent of a star.

Her new album Plastic Hearts is a rock album and apparently Miley has decided to explore this genre.

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