Miley Cyrus reveals Plastic Hearts' track list with surprising collabs

The long awaited release of Miley Cyrus' new album is just around the corner. The fans were crying out for it and finally the 27-year-old singer revealed the list of songs that make up her seventh studio album Plastic Hearts. Read on to find out about the surprising collaborations it contains.

  • It has been 12 years since the first studio album of the American singer Miley Cyrus, Breakthrough.
  • At first all of her music was related to her role in the Disney Channel teen series Hannah Montana.
  • However, thanks to the television program, the artist gained a lot of notoriety, this did not prevent Cyrus from having a super successful solo career starting in 2011. 
  • She became one of the richest singers with an estimated net worth of $160 million.

Miley Cyrus is on fire this year, musically speaking.

Not only for the release of her next album on November 27, titled Plastic Hearts, but also for the rock covers that she has been daring to do in recent months.

Fans are freaking out with the singer's gender change.

She has gone from being one of the great exponents of pop to a rock singer.

On November 13, Smiley took to her Instagram account to give us nothing more and nothing less than the complete track list from her seventh studio album.

Plastic Hearts' track list.

We already knew that Cranberry's "Zombie", Blondie's "Heart of Glass" and her hit "Midnight Sky" were going to be part of the album.

The big surprise is that the artist will also have A class collaboration.

Dua Lipa, the iconic Billy Idol, and Joan Jett have decided to lend their talents to this new album by the "Can't Be Tamed" singer.

We already suspected that British singer Dua Lipa was going to appear on Plastic Hearts, after she revealed in an interview with that Cyrus was the funniest artist she had ever worked with.

Everything indicates that on November 27 we are going to have more than one surprise.

Plastic Hearts cover.

Read my previous article here if you want to know what I mean.

I leave you enjoying "Heart of Glass" by Miley Cyrus.

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