Miley Cyrus performing with Lil Nas X

Miley Cyrus responds to Lil Nas X's joke about her

Lil Nas X is known to have an amazing Internet presence. The 'Old Town Road' singer took to TikTok to reminiscence the 'Hannah Montana' days and impersonated Miley's character in the show. What did Miley think of this joke? Scroll below to find out!

  • Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • She starred in the popular Disney show 'Hannah Montana' during her teenage years.
  • Lil Nas X is an American singer, and songwriter.
Lil Nas X. Source: Getty Images

If you grew up on Hannah Montana like me, you probably know how unrealistic the concept actually is. All Miley did was put on a wig and became unrecognizable to everyone. Looking back at it now, it's funny how we actually believed she looked any different with just a wig on!

The video Lil Nas uploaded. Source: Lil Nas X via TikTok

Just like us, Lil Nas also finds the idea ridiculous. He poked fun at the show on TikTok where he put a blonde wig on and pretended to be Hannah. It was uploaded with the text 'Every Episode of Hannah Montana':

"I can't keep doing this Lily, I can't keep living this lie. STOP! STOP THE MUSIC! I'm Hannah Montana."

He captioned the video with 'I hope Miley don't block me for this' and uploaded the TikTok on March 1st 2021. Word got to Miley and her reaction to it was the perfect response!

She used TikTok's duet feature and made a duet with Lil Nas's upload. Instead of acting in her own role in the show, she had a funky purple wig on replicating Lily's style and captioned the video as, 'What Lily is really thinking when Miley presses send on ANOTHER Hannah reveal':

"Again? The old Hannah reveal is losing its shock value. You do this every f--king week, Miley!"

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. Source: Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel

I don't doubt that this is exactly what Lily used to think! We love the fact that Miley made the original even better instead of taking offense. Were you a fan of Hannah Montana as a child? Let us know in the comments below!

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