Miley Cyrus opens about her life while announcing new album

The 27-year-old singer Miley Cyrus has just announced on her social networks that she will be releasing her new album Plastic Hearts four days after her birthday, on November 27. Along with the photo of the album cover, the singer posted a very revealing caption. Keep reading to know more.

  • The singer-songwriter of hits like Midnight Sky has just announced the release of her 7th studio album titled Plastic Hearts. 
  • This had been long-awaited by fans and in production for two years. 
  • Cyrus indicated in the caption that accompanied the announcement that when she was finishing the basic work of the album his house burned down, and most of the material was lost in the fire.

 It was shocking to know that the singer almost lost all music material back in 2018 when her Malibu house reduced to ashes during the Californian wildfires.

 Fortunately, her musicians still had some of the music and that made it possible to move forward with Plastic Hearts.

This studio album is due to be released on November 27th just 4 days after Miley's birthday.

What a way to celebrate it!

 The statements of the Hannah Montana actress reveal that the loss of her home in the California fires of 2018 marked a before and after in her life. 

This is what miley's house looked like after the fire

She might also be referring to the end of her marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth.

 Apparently, to Miley, nature was in charge of ending something that she was not capable of.

 The Wrecking Ball singer also points out that it was not the end as she believed but more like a beginning. 

The 27-year-old singer has taken very drastic turns in her career from Hannah Montana to the girl we see today doing covers of rock classics. Seems like 2000 light years away. 

 Her new album promises to be a rocker, so we are going to see a new face of the artist and her voice as well.

While we waited for the release, watch her sing Zombie from The Cranberries which is also included in Plastic Hearts.


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