Miley Cyrus got some straight answers from Kamala Harris on Instagram Live interview

Miley Cyrus got straight answers from Kamala Harris on Instagram

Finally, someone who asks the right questions and receives concrete answers. Of all the interviews I have seen of celebrities with politicians, this is the first time that I receive information about the action plan from the candidates' Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. Keep reading to know why Miley Cyrus did such a good job.  

  • Miley really wants to have a talk show. She actually tried it in March with Bright Minded. 
  • This was an Instagram Live show where the 27-year-old singer interviewed members of the scientific community to gather reliable information about the new pandemic.
  •  She did a really good job but the fans didn't feel like that, and her Wi-Fi connection was terrible so the singer finally decided to quit.

In this interview with vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, the Hannah Montana actress prepared her questions very well.

She even had a paper in her hand so as not to forget anything, and asked questions that required a direct and concrete answer.

The candidate for the Democratic Party was comfortable in the interview and cleared many doubts about how she and her running mate had planned to carry out social and political change in our country after the elections.

The candidate has a strong plan for public schools

Their plans are fundamentally focused on providing educational equality throughout the country, which is not currently the case.

Redistributing the funds and planning a new way to invest in education would be the initial actions.

Regarding health, they plan to improve the mental health system, and of course, the senator referred to the problems of police abuse for which they plan to create a registry of offending police officers that allows traceability at the national level.

It was really a very interesting interview, honestly.

Cyrus of course already voted and did so by the Biden-Harris formula.

We want you to know that we endorse Miley to host a talk show.

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