Miley Cyrus fans' reaction to her new songs will shock you

Fans of this successful singer are already used to her changes in musical style and appearance. However, in recent months we have noticed that Miley has decided to go down the rock & roll path. Keep reading how this has made fans around the world feel.  

  • Miley Cyrus has millions of fans around the world who have been accompanying her since her sweet Hannah Montana days. Today we are talking about a totally different person. 
  • The 27-year-old singer-songwriter has managed to reinvent herself and get ahead in her life. 
  • We are used to many changes and controversies. However, there is something that never changes and it is his talent and charisma.


Lately, and especially after undergoing vocal cord surgery, the artist sounds much more like a  rock star.

The past few weeks she's been delighting fans with covers of classic rock songs like Cranberries' Zombie and Blondie's Heart of Glass.

What do you think fans reacted to these covers and the surprising announcement of a Metallica tribute album?

There are opinions of all kinds about the album of Metallica covers.

 From those who refuse to listen to the songs of their metal idols on the lips of a pop representative to those who celebrate the relevance and popularity for the genre that this would generate.

However, regarding the cover of classics in Cyrus' live performances such as Live from Whiskey a Go Go, everyone agrees that it was the injection of energy they needed.

Fans are grateful to receive so much on stage from this extremely talented artist.

The truth is that the singer's latest remote live performances have left everyone speechless.
This new vocal style suits her very well.

Some of Miley's fans comments over her Zombie cover

The singer of Midnight Sky looks super inspired and the reality is that it has been a very difficult year for everyone.

We need this type of energy to be able to save the year that seemed lost but thanks to Miley Cyrus we remembered that music is still the best medicine for all.

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