Miley Cyrus' fans are asking for her documentary on Netflix

You've heard it !. Since her appearance in the 5th season of Black Mirror on Netflix and the announcement of Miley's 7th studio album Plastic Hearts, fans want to see her again on the small screen. Of course there is a lot of material for a documentary or two. Keep reading to know more.

  • The always funny and controversial Miley Cyrus has no grays, fans either love her or hate her. 
  • Luckily most of them love her and admire her ability  to reinvent herself and let everything negative slip away.
  •  Seeing her back on screen acting in Netflix's Season 5 of Black Mirror made fans melancholic, and now they want more.


Fans asking for Miley Cyrus to release a documentary on her life

They are crying out for it on Twitter.

They want the 27-year-old singer to release a documentary, and they even have the name.

She is Miley is the one proposed by the followers.

The thing is that the public was waiting for the singer to release an album titled She is Miley that was supposed to be part of an autobiographical trilogy.

The cover of Miley Cyrus' new album.

But the Midnight Sky singer decided to change the game and release Plastic Hearts instead.

An album that promises a lot of rock and roll.

Regarding the documentary, I think it would be an excellent idea.

Cyrus is a very inspiring artist.

It is impressive how she managed to shed her role as Hannah Montana and build a totally new and interesting artist.

Miley Cyrus performing live

Her life is a roller coaster ride and fans are eager to learn the seedier details of her substance abuse problems and how she overcame them and managed stay sober.

Also the romantic note has to be present with all her flames like the actor Liam Hemsworth or even Nick Jonas.

Miley's now and then

She has a large family to serve as a supporting cast and a huge repertoire of songs for the soundtrack.

The idea is great. When does it premiere?

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