Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey reveals album “The Rarities” with unreleased songs!

The Grammy winner is opening the vault of secrets for her latest record, an amazing collection of exclusive tracks that also includes live performances, covering her entire musical career since the 90s. Scroll down to discover more about this fascinating record!

Mariah Carey is known for her extraordinary vocal range, she can sing as high as a five-octave voice range.


  • In her monumental career she was nominated for 34 Grammys and has won 5.
  • The 50 year-old diva is the first artist to stay at the top of the Billboards records charts for 4 decades.
  • For the 30-year anniversary she has launched “The Rarities” album collection.

At Yaay! we gave the inside look into her emotional memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” What makes this new collection special is that when the singer was exploring her past to write her biography she found songs that have their story explained in her book, which gives a new meaning.

“The Rarities” is a compilation of her favorite songs that she used to love singing as a child.  Also included are recordings that were never released and memorable live shows.

Mariah Carey "The Rarities" a fan's dream collection with rare gems and unreleased songs - Source: Getty Images

The diva hopes that her loyal fans will go insane with her wonderful musical gift. "I truly feel like this album ties together so many defining eras of my life and my journey as an artist."

It’s so moving that Carey has dedicated this awesome 32-track album to her followers. The superstar is celebrating her fantastic career and is incredibly thankful for her devotees support.

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