Megan Fox is ready to introduce Machine Gun Kelly to her children Megan Fox is ready to introduce Machine Gun Kelly to her children

Machine Kelly and Megan Fox relationship takes a new turn!

The lovebirds take a step forward in their relationship as the actress introduces her 3 children to the current boyfriend. We are happy to see the couple progressing with things pretty fast. And now we are eagerly waiting for what's coming next? Keep reading to find out more about their blooming partnership!  

  • Machine gun A.K.A Colson Baker started dating Megan fox in May. The two are reported to have spent the quarantine together.
  • The rapper has a daughter Casie Colson Baker with an unidentified woman while the Transformers' actress has 3 children named Bodhi Ransom Green, Noah Shannon Green, and Journey River Green with estranged husband Brian Austin Green.
  • The two have been very public about their romance and don’t hesitate to be affectionate in front of the paparazzi.
Megan Fox and Machine Gun spend time together

Machine Gun Kelly, 30, and Megan Fox, 34, are real couple goals. The happiness on their faces, while they are together, is just so remarkable. As we see their relationship growing from being partners to life partners, there’s a new development in the story.

The Transformers' actress introduced her 3 children to the love of her life as reported by a close source. It’s due to the fact that they are serious and want to involve their families, Fox said. It’s not just for the paparazzi, the couple is actually in a committed relationship.

Megan Fox introduces her children to Colson Baker

The source also added that the two of them are spending a lot of time together. They are happy and enjoying each other’s company. They obviously seem to be deeply in love and want to proceed further. We are eager to know how the kids react to their mom's new boyfriend. The oldest of Megan's son, Noah is 8 while Bodhi is 6 and Journey is 4!

Megan Fox with Brian Austin Green, her ex-husband and three children

The duo was recently seen celebrating Kelly's success as his album debuted no.1 on the billboard hot 200. The singer said that it was his biggest wish, and he waited his whole career to retweet it!

Anyways, we hope the kids are quick to accept their mom's new love  because we can't wait to see Megan walking down the aisle. She’s so pretty I can see her dressed up as bride over a hundred times!!!

Watch the couple getting cozy on a dinner date!

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