Kane Brown's disciples rocked 'Good as you' in The Voice

It was awesome! Brown joined Shelton last night to serve as a mentor to the members of his team in The Voice for the battle rounds. The competitors Jim Ranger and John Sullivan teamed up for a joint performance of 'Good as You.' Watch the incredible episode below! 

  • The 27-year-old artist besides singer now is a mentor.
  • Kane was rejected once in American Idol, and although he was part of The X Factor, he quit when they wanted him to be in a band. 
  • He is helping the members of Blake Shelton to make great performances in their battles. 

Last night in The Voice, Kane Brown's disciples rocked the scene with one of his songs. But, not just any of his songs, they sang 'Good as You,' a No. 1 hit in 2019.

Blake Shelton in The Voice. Source: Instagram

The song was originally written to his wife, Katelyn Jae. While they rehearsed for the battle, Kane told to the participants that this is his favorite song to sing live. He explained that the audience always react to the love of its message and that is something great to see. 

John Sullivan in The Voice. Source: Instagram

Jim Ranger and John Sullivan were the ones who performed this musical piece from the country music singer in the stage. Ranger dominated the stage with his voice while Sullivan showed his subtle strengths and commitment to the show. 

Jim Ranger in The Voice. Source: Instagram

Finally, Ranger was the winner of this battle round despite Shelton was not happy about choosing just one of them. “This s*cks … but I have to make this decision.” the judge said. 

Kane Brown in The Voice. Source: Instagram

Definitely, Kane advices were incredible because it was really hard for Shelton to pick just one of them after their performance. It must be crazy to see other people singing your songs with the same love that you do. Did you like their performance? 

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