Kane Brown reveals everything on his new Instagram post

After deleting a post in which fans probably had a heart attack because of his incredible muscles, Kane Brown did it again! The country music singer posted a video on his Instagram in which he shows all his back's muscles, and this time he didn't erase it. Watch the incredible images below!

  • The country star was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1993.
  • Besides being a singer, Kane is also part of IMG models
  • He shared on his Instagram account some of his exercise's routine yesterday.

The purpose of the post

Kane Brown. Source: Getty Images

The 'Be like that' singer left the fans breathless once again with his beauty by sharing some videos of himself doing exercise yesterday. He seems to like getting his muscles bigger. 

Kane Brown. Source: IMG Models

Wake up and better yourself. The hardest part is wanting to do it. Once you get over that slump it’s easy especially if you have a partner. Wake up in the am with me and let’s do this” he wrote in the caption. 

Kane Brown doing exercise. Source: Instagram

Kane wants to encourage his followers to take care of themselves and their bodies, to have the commitment of being better!

The videos

Kane Brown doing exercise. Source: Instagram

In the first video we see him dressed up doing some arms exercises while his trainer controls the time. He really has big arms!

Kane Brown doing exercise. Source: Instagram

In the second video, Brown is shirtless doing some exercises for his back's muscles. On it, we can perfectly see all his toned back while he lifts himself up gripping a gym-machine with his hands.

Kane Brown doing exercise. Source: Instagram

We are completely sure that fans went crazy with this new post, Kane usually doesn't share this kind of content, so it's time to take advantage of it. Some of them commented that his girls are really lucky, and yes, they are!

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