Chen says Hello to the world with new music video Chen says Hello to the world with new music video

K-Pop star Chen says “hello” to the world in a new music video

Finally, the talented 28-year-old singer from the K-Pop band Exo made his big return to the world charts with his new single Hello. There have already been many repercussions and the music video is a trend on twitter. Keep reading to know all the details about Hello and watch it.

  • Kim Jong-Dae is AKA Chen is a South Korean singer and songwriter who became relevant in 2012 when he joined the K-Pop boy band EXO.
  • Chen is 28 years old and has an estimated net worth of $10 million.
  • Hello is the new single the artist released after some months of silence. Fans were eager to know from him. 

After getting married and having his first son, we hadn't known much about the personal or artistic life of this talented singer.

He finally decided to make fans happy with this new ballad that is now available on all digital music platforms.

Hello's music video was recently uploaded to the SMTOWN YouTube channel and has already had close to one million views.

The ballad refers to a letter that the K-Pop singer tries to write, but fails to complete.

The reason for the letter is to know if the other person is okay, but cannot seem to find the words.

Fans are already making their art

The notes of course he found perfectly.

Chen's voice sounds great as usual.

We're very happy about this new release, and we will be attentive to its position in the world rankings.

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