Justin Bieber releases new music video Lonely Justin Bieber releases new music video Lonely

Justin Bieber releases new emotional song called 'Lonely'

Justin seems to be back in the world of music. Less than a month ago the singer released Holy featuring Chance The Rapper. This new song Lonely is deeply touching. He is not alone in the music video, the young actor Jacob Tremblay is there to remind him of his tough times. Keep reading to know more.

  • Justin Drew Bieber was born 26 years ago in London, Canada.
  • He was discovered by talent manager Scooter Braun at the age of 13 through Bieber's YouTube videos playing cover versions of famous songs.
  • The singer has a net worth of $265 million.

Once again, “the bibs” gives us a new success.

This time a very emotional song that talks about a difficult chapter in his life.

Fortunately, the singer of Sorry has already overcome all that and now he can see from the outside what was the cause of his dark stages.

Lonely tells of how a little boy suddenly finds himself surrounded by many material things and no one to connect with.

The 14-year-old actor Jacob Trembley looks a lot alike Justin Bieber

In the music video, Good Boys actor Jacob Trembley appears as Justin Bieber himself.

A great stage for such a small kid is an image that seems to perfectly portray the feelings of the 26-year-old singer.

At the end of the video, the most emotional part is seeing Justin of today looking at the one from the past.

In fact, the desire to tell him something is reflected on his face.

To let him know that the years will heal the wounds and everything will be fine.

When we're going through a difficult moment in our lives it is good to think that everything can change for the better, nothing is static, everything evolves.

Bonus track: Let's remember Justin at the age of 14 with his first world hit 'Baby'. Enjoy the memory!

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