Singer John Legend and his wife are back into normality Singer John Legend and his wife are back into normality

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are back on their feet

41-year-old singer is always positive and has a smile on his face. On October 1st, the couple told the unfortunate news to their fans as they always do: they announce their third son's death. Thank God after some time, they are starting to go out and let the world see how strong they are! Scroll down to see where they went!

  • R&B singer John Legend was born on December 28, 1978, in Springfield, Ohio.
  • He is married to half American-half Thai supermodel Chrissy Teigen.
  • Together the couple has two children. On October 2020 the couple lost their newborn child, Jack.

The happy, joyous couple got married in 2013, but they met in 2006 when she was part of his video “Stereo”. The newlyweds loved each other so much they were desperate to enlarge their family. When trying so, they discovered they were going to need some kind of assistance.

John Legend and his wife. Source: Gettyimages

Both the model and the singer were very open when sharing they needed to go through in vitro fertilization so that she could carry their children. They went through that process, and they had two incredible children: Luna and Miles.

This third time they were unfortunately not so lucky. They didn't require IVF, but Chrissy went through some complications during pregnancy and it led to a preterm birth and their son, Jack, early pass away. The also-TV-presenter appeared alone in the Billboard Music Awards and dedicated his song to this loving wife and family stating 'we will never break'.

After that day, they have been seen together going to the groceries (wearing their face masks, obviously). Surely that is a good starting point. We all really hope you find all the needed love within your family and also from your devoted fans!

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