Jimin performing live for the audience Jimin performing live for the audience

Jimin got an exciting birthday gift from the BTS Army!

South Korean singer, Jimin recently turned 26 years old. As he was busy performing live at concerts and promoting his band album, fans made sure that he has a special day. People from all around the world celebrated his birthday in their own ways, but one special group won the title of the ‘Best Gift Givers’. Read below to find out what eco-friendly gift did he receive from his fans!  

  • Jimin is a band member of BTS, a seven-piece K-pop sensation.
  • He is expected to have an estimated net worth of $20 million. 
  • The singer is also known to cover the expenses of students who come from low-income families and donates to educational institutions.
Jimin performing at the Melon Music Awards.

What do you give to someone as perfect as our boy, Jimin? He’s already gifted with an amazing voice, killer dance moves, millions of admirers, and a lot of money! Leave it to BTS’s Indonesian Army to make that decision for you. 

Fans celebrated Jimin’s birthday by raising funds to plant mangrove trees. Those trees would help protect farms from floods near Demak in Central Java, Indonesia. What? They for sure take the crown when it comes to making someone’s birthday special. People take notes!

Initially, with a plan to plant 1000 trees, the organization set out to collect donations from BTS supporters. Around 1800 people came together to take part in the event, thus increasing the number of trees planted to 8,735. WOW! Talk about dedication people.

Aerial shot of the BTS fans at a concert. Source: Medium

Seeing fans celebrating their idol’s birthday brings joy to us. What matters more is that these people are environmentalists as well. As the world is experiencing climate change, which is a serious concern at the moment, knowing that there are people out there who genuinely care about the issue is a blessing.

Happy Birthday, Jimin! We hope that you keep inspiring people to do good for others and the world. If you were to get him a gift, what would it be?

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