BTS member, Jimin at an event BTS member, Jimin at an event

Jimin from BTS just cried on stage and now we're crying too!

The famous K-pop band, BTS is making headlines with their success. They aren’t just famous for their music, it's the dancing and fashion sense that defines the boys too. BTS army has been waiting for their concert, and yes it was the highlight of the year. Read below to find out what made BTS member Jimin cry after his performance!

  • Suga, V, Jimin, J-Hope, RM, Jin, and Jung Kook are the members of the Korean band that was formed in 2010.
  • The boys have released eight albums. 
  • BTS week at The Tonight Show was named the most social week in the history of late-night television.  
From left to right: V, Suga, Jung Kook, Jin, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope from BTS at the Billboard Music Awards.

Seem like BTS is all that the Americans can talk about these days, and hey we aren’t complaining! Brace yourselves people, the boys have graced us with yet another performance. This time it is a virtual concert - The Map of the Soul ON:E.

The Bangtan boys took turns showcasing their amazing dance moves while singing and WOW! We can’t get our eyes off them. They all have our hearts but can we talk about Jimin for a second? The outfit change from an all-white suit to a blood-red one while performing is worth mentioning y’all. 

Jimin while performing at BTS's virtual concert

This seamless transition paired with his high-range signature voice and smooth moves is on another level of greatness. However, besides his amazing performance, the thing that made us love him, even more, was when he addressed his fans. Watch the video below!

Jimin mentioned the situation that people are living in these days, and how they weren’t able to share their happiness with them. Hearing his fans chant through the screens made him emotional, shows how dearly he loves his Army. Oh, boy! Now we have tears in our eyes too! Jimin you’re a sweet boy, we missed you too!

There’s no doubt that the BTS Army is one of the best fandoms in the world and it's good to know that our idols love us too. How did you feel after watching Jimin’s heart-touching performance?

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