Jennifer Lopez's production finally wins Hustlers lawsuit!

Hustlers was a movie which everybody knew was going to be good. However, nobody thought it was going to be that good! When the earnings were disclosed, Samantha Barbash appeared and filed a $40 million lawsuit! Keep reading to learn everything!

  • The mother-of-two has a net worth of $400 million.
  • Jennifer Lopez will marry her fiancee, Alex Rodriguez, as soon as the lockdown is over.
  • Hustlers became a great success which nobody had anticipated, not even Samantha.


JLo in the movie. Source: EW

 Hustlers movie has beaten all the records on 2019. JLo was nominated for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild thanks to her participation in the film. For those who have not yet watch it (go a watch it right away after reading this!), the movie, as the title goes, is about a woman who drugs her clients from an adults club and uses their credit cards to pay inflated amounts on the place's bills. The whole movie was based on an article from 2015 New York Magazine, which explained perfectly well the whole 'system', since it was based on a true story.


Samantha Barbash. Source: Vanity Fair

 Samantha Barbash happens to be that woman the article spoke about. The adult entertainer, decided to file a $40 million lawsuit in January against Jennifer Lopez's production which included: Nuyorican Productions, STX Entertainment, Gloria Sanchez Productions and Pole Sisters LLC. According to Barbash, they exploited what the business was and her likelihood, apart from portraying her as a person who arbitrarily drugged her clients to basically steal them and to take the substances back home where an under aged lived.

Closing of the case

JLo and Barbash. Source: People

 Since the Court could check that everything on the movie had been declared on the article in the magazine, the judge in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, decided to finally dismiss the case. The case is closed. Of course, the production gets to keep $33.2 million which the movie earned.


Barbash and JLo. Source: Page Six

We will never know if Samantha filed the case because she knew the movie had made a huge amount of movie, and wanted her share of it, or if she truly felt she deserved to be compensated for disclosing everything on the big screen. Since it was a true story taken from a magazine years before, clearly the film's production knew legal matters and had thought of everything beforehand.

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