Jennifer Lopez new venture: writing a book!

JLo has proven herself on stage, before the cameras, on the walkway and now, on books. Clearly she wants to prove herself on every available field, and she surely will. Keep reading to learn about her book! 

  • 51-year-old JLo is a mother of two: Emme and Max. She is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez.
  • Lopez has been married three times before meeting the former baseball player.
  • The girl from the Bronx has managed to climb Hollywood's ladder of success to its very top.
JLo's book cover. Source: Ebay

Jennifer Lopez is one Hollywood's diva and nobody can doubt that; it's a 100% fact. If people take a look at her or listens to her singing, one would think she loves herself deeply for all she has accomplished. However, as the saying goes 'all that glitters is not gold', this was the case. 'Waiting for tonight' singer had many drawbacks in her career, she also had more than one bad experience regarding relationships. Not long ago, in November 2015, multi faceting JLo became herself a writing and released her book: 'True love'.


True Love quote. Source: Demo Image review

 In the book, she explains a person must learn from the mistakes. In other words, one must learn to forgive themselves not to commit the same error again, and, also, because thanks to that very mistake you are where you are today.

Self acceptance

A page in the book

 The also-author expresses the need to love oneself and to get to know oneself. People have to understand every single part of themselves in order to accept it and embrace it.

Stand up for oneself

Another quote from the book.

 Thanks to all the things that happened to her throughout her life, she has learned to stand up for herself. Whenever a person feels he or she is being mistreated they should speak up and not allow others to treat you poorly; that have no right whatsoever.

Finding yourself

True Love promotion pictures. Source: Getty

 JLo expressed something it generally happens to people and it is that when you are win a relationship, sometimes, people lose themselves to became what the other person wants. It happened to her and it has happened to lots of us. You just have to find yourself again and recover every single part of your being and personality. Then, only when a person has finished the whole process, will that person be himself or herself again and actually love it!

JLo talking about her book. Source: Today

As Lopez said: 'We can survive anything, if we just keep on going.' 'Let's get loud' singer has shown us a part of herself we have not even thought of. Would you read her book? I have already read it actually, and I strongly recommend it!

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