JLo in a hot bikini

Jennifer Lopez most provocative and sensual bikini photos

51-year-old Hollywood Latin diva showed her whole body wearing super tiny bikinis. JLo has never sexier than now! Scroll down to see her best and hottest bikini photos! 

  • The mother of two trains really hard to have such a toned and fit body.
  • JLo worked out during the lockdown at home.
  • A-Rod's fiancée showed herself wearing tiny bikinis in different moments of the year.

September 15th

Super hot JLo looking at the sea

 Summer was over, the world was still the same regarding the sanitary conditions, and JLo was daydreaming by the sea. According to our source, the Hollywood diva finds peace by the sea. It seems to relax her. She expressed she was 'feeling golden. Holding on to the last few moments of summer ... '. Shining actually in that amazing pink and purple bikini, the 51-year-old singer looked super provocative. Although people were trying to look at the sea and that amazing Caribbean sand, her boobs were on the foreground. Absolutely all the eyes were drawn to that. Let's face it, Jenny from the block knows how to heat the social media. A follower posted 'LORD, LORD, LORD!!!' simply because seriously, she looked like a Goddess. Another one posted lots of fire emojis surely because she ran out of words to describe such a scene. 

September 19th

Hot Jennifer Lopez

 Yes, I know. It's just four days after the one from the beach. Well, you know what? The 'Let's get loud' singer wanted to get as loud as she could! The sexy diva wasn't lying on her side now, she was standing up holding her hair up. Lord, why can't all women look just like her at her age? Her abs are incredible as well as her poses. She clearly knows how to stand in front of the camera. A-Rod's fiancée also knows what to wear. Those kinds of lace-bikini are the perfect ones for her hips. Her followers can't hold their comments back when they see such a picture. One wrote 'You are ever so Gorgeous' (not my capital G, just the follower's). Another one decided to post 'So beautiful' and a lot of fire emojis.   

February 15th

JLo in a white bikini

 Winter time this time. The day was surely cold outside but inside JLo's house it was seriously hot! The Latina posted a photo of herself wearing a tiny white bikini. 'Relaxed and recharged' she said. Clearly she had finished her training for the day. Now, we understand her serious face. JLo was simply tired and even exhausted probably. When she trains things are serious and Lopez simply stops kidding. That's obviously why the mother of two has those abs and that perfectly toned body. A follower noted her training program was genuine and posted 'rock hard body for that age, full respect'. 

JLo and A-Rod at the beach

JLo wears bikini no matter if it is winter or summer. 51-year-old star trains really hard to have such a fit body, and she wants to show it! It's not only because the Latina wants to be on everyone' mouth, but because she wants people to train as well. When working out you feel better with yourself and with your body. That is her motto! It's like Lopez is trying to pass on that experience of hers to the rest of the women out there. O.K. message understood. We will all train hard, we all promise you that! If you promise we will look just as gorgeous as you do JLo! 

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