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Jennifer Lopez: great singer or a better Hollywood star?

J-Lo is Hollywood's best paid Latina star and nobody can question that. Where did the girl from the Bronx started her fantastic, and clearly successful career? Watch the video below to learn all the details about the diva's beginnings!

  • She was born on July 24th, 1969, in New York City.
  • JLo is a mother of two, and she is the baseball star Alex Rodriguez' wife-to-be.
  • “Pa Ti” singer is extremely successful both in singing and in acting.

J. Lo's successful career has a clear start, and it was surely due to her wonderful and positive attitude towards life in itself. The singer deserves everything that has happened to her: the big screen loves her, as well as the scenarios where everybody can enjoy her incredible voice (as well as her hips Latin-like-movements).

JLo (51) is still one of the best looking celebrities in the world. Source: Getty

The Puerto Rico descendant made her first appearance on the big screen at the young age of 16 where she played a very tiny role in “My Little Girl”.

J. Lo 1986. Source: Hurry Yet

From then on, her acting career never stopped. J. Lo even worked with Hollywood stars such as Robin Williams (in “Jack”) and Jack Nicholson (in “Blood and wine”).

By the second half of the 90s, she was considered a Hollywood star and many producers asked for her. Jenn was nominated for the Golden Globe Award thanks to her participation in “Selena”.

At the same time, in 1999, she released her first album “On the 6” which sold eight million copies! The also-singer started recording albums while she kept on acting.

Some of her hits are: “On the floor”, “Jenny from the block”, “Let's get loud” and “Waiting for tonight”. The last two songs gave her a nomination for Grammy Awards.

Let me tell you something: she doesn't only sing, she dances all the choreographs! The singer, is also one of the dancers! Let alone she took part in a live competition on TV in "American Idol" , but that's a whole new chapter!

For the moment, we can be sure J. Lo is very hardworking, and she is a very complete star. We all love her no matter what she does because we know she is, basically, multi faceting. Let's watch one of her greatest videos to grasp her positive vibes: "Let's get loud"

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