Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod are about to become billionaires

Jennifer Lopez has built a whole empire around her. The Hollywood's best paid Latina has a net worth of $400 million, and she is always working to enlarge that huge fortune of hers thanks to 'JLo Beauty'. Keep reading to learn more details about it!

  • JLo created a perfume in 2003, 'Glow' which worked perfectly well in the market.
  • The artist, also-singer-dancer-actress-businesswoman-desiger-and-writer knows no limits when it comes to working.
  • Lopez has been dating Rodriguez since 2017, and they got engaged in 2019.
JLo and A-Rod together at dinner. Source: Elle

'Waiting for tonight' singer seemed to have been waiting for the man who would push her forward pursuing her own dreams for a very long time. As it always happens, good things come true.

JLo and her fiancee at the red carpet. Source: Getty Images

JLo has been longing to have her skincare brand since approximately 2003 when the Hollywood diva launched her perfume 'Glow'. Her scent made a billion dollars, which Lopez sit down to think: she had created it, she made all the marketing, her face was the one everywhere next to it, and she came up with the name, so, why didn't she get all of it?

Lo's perfume 'Glow'. Source: Alamy

Simple: there was a company in between which, of course, took their share. Fortunately, 'Let's get loud singer told WSJ everything changed when she met her fiancée, A-Rod: 'When Alex came into my life, he was like, 'Let's build your skincare company. This is a dream of yours. Let's do it together. Let's own it'.

Supportive A-Rod. Source: Getty Images

Former baseball player is a person who has helped her through her skincare and make-up line creation: 'JLo Beauty'. It has always been her dream, she just needed someone to push her forward and actually do it. We will have to wait until January 1st for the release (unless you are one of the anxious who will enroll in the 'early access' which will occur on December, 8th).

JLo and A-Rod. Source: House Beautiful

If we think it through, JLo and A-Rod will be multibillionaire after the brand's release. We simply hope everything gets even better than what they hope it will be! We have all been waiting for a pretty long time to see and use her products, so, just imagine, sales are going to be on the roof.

Casual JLo and ARod. Source: Telemundo Las Vegas

Now that I think it over, girls, hurry up and don't waste time, since, I really believe they are going to run short of products because they do not expect (I believe) every woman in the USA to buy something. And we all will!

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