Jennifer Lopez' 'Marry me' movie release is postponed

JLo and Colombian singer Maluma have already launched two of the songs from the movie 'Marry Me' which will be released on May: 'Pa ti' and 'Lonely'. Both have been a major hit and fans are impatiently waiting for the movie. Keep reading to learn more details about the rescheduled date!

  • 51-year-old JLo has already proven herself on the stage alone and also on the big screen many times.
  • Maluma is a consecrated singer in Latin America and nobody can doubt that.
  • World's health situation has made the producers decide to postpone the release date.
Maluma, Owen Wilson and JLo. Source: Daily Mail

Jennifer Lopez co-stars the film 'Marry Me' with singer Maluma and Owen Wilson. The romantic comedy had a set release which originally was going to be on February 12th, 2021; just for Saint Valentine's weekend. However, it has been recently moved and re-programmed for May 14th. On the movie JLo plays Kat's part, Maluma is Bastian and Owen Wilson is the Math teacher, Charlie.

Maluma and JLo 'Pa ti' music video. Source: LA Times

The actors who are also singers have prepared two of the songs which will be played on the film: 'Pa ti' and 'Lonely'. Although the people in charge have not yet appear to explain the exact reason why they have decided to put off the release date two months, we can be sure it is due to the world's health condition, which was supposed to be ready by the end of 2020, but it hasn't.

JLo and Maluma trying their Tik Tok. Source: Too Fab

We must bear in mind, all the hard work releasing a movie implies, hence, they are surely thinking of the best date not to postpone it again and reprogram their whole organization. Apart from that, whenever fans hear about a release day, they are actually setting it on their heads, so changing it a lot of times is not a good thing to do regarding publicity.

JLo and Maluma. Source: Spotify

We just hope they don't have to reschedule it another time or sales will be surely affected. With or without protocols the film has to be released next year; for the producers' and the fans' sake. Will you go and watch it? I'll go no matter what! Don't forget to post your comment below. and enjoy 'Pa Ti' YouTube video! 


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