JLo's surprising mixed feelings about lockdown

51-year-old JLo went through some conversations with some members of her family due to the lockdown situation. Of course, she stays positive most of the time. Scroll down to learn all the details!

  • Waiting for tonight' singer has two children and, former baseball player, has two more.
  • JLo was going to marry her still-boyfriend A-Rod this year, which of course, was canceled.
  • The mother-of-two had a pretty agitated life before the isolation period which occurred in the whole world.
The whole family. Source: US Hola

Although at the very first moment JLo explained her whole family felt the lockdown as a 'blessing' period to spend more and more time together, Hollywood's diva has also explained they have all gone through some kind of depression due to the world's health situation. 51-year-old singer told radio station El Zol 107.9: 'I had a lot of moments where I felt really bad. My kids, too'.

JLo's family. Source: E Online

Of course, it was quite a difficult situation for everyone, but if we think of their particular situation we have to imagine an almost-married-couple who are used to traveling for work on a nearly daily basis, and of teenagers (JLo's twins are 12 years old) who are not used to actually living with mom and step-dad all day but with their friends. It hasn't surely been an easy year for the family. Clearly there were good things about it, but 'Jenny from the block' seems to have been having some rough days lately in order to make such declarations.

Celebrating all together. Source: Daily Mail

The woman from the Bronx now remembers a moment at the very beginning of the isolation period when her 12-year-old daughter, Emme, came into her bedroom crying over what was going on in the whole world. Young Emme asked her mom: 'Why is this happening? I miss my friends. Why is this happening in our lives?'. At that moment the twins' mom explained her daughter sometimes things like this should happen in the world for a reason so everything is better then and to feel even more grateful of all the things they had, like health, family, and so on.

Xmas time. Source: Filfan

'Let's get loud' singer explained whenever she felt anxiety was getting to her, she starts either training or cooking. Good job JLo! Some of us eat when anxious, and you train! Let's hope everything is O. K. in the very near future, so we can continue with our lives and JLo-ARod's wedding!

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