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JLo's 7 healthy habits you should follow

We all know Jennifer Lopez' love life can be a hard to follow, but not her healthy life! Since her comeback with her ex Ben Affleck, she looks brighter than ever, and we share with you her healthy habits that every one of us can do at home!

  • Jennifer Lopez is also a fashion designer, producer and businesswoman.
  • The singer has 2 children with Latin singer Marc Anthony and was a judge on American Idol.
  • Hard to believe, but she is 51 years old!

1) Avoid processed foods

Jennifer Lopez has also exceptions to her rule: here captured eating a hot dog!

JLo was captured in the Miami's farmer market doing groceries herself. She explains:

"When I was a kid, my mom taught us to eat what the Earth gives us"

We all know it takes more time to cook and it's more expensive, but at the end, you know exactly what you are eating and it will certainly taste more delicious! 

2) Skip caffeine. She only drinks decaf

Jennifer Lopez drinking coffee with a sensual dress

The 'Let's Get Loud' singer has so much energy that she doesn't need any caffeine. Would it work with the rest of us? What do you think?

3) Rock your outfits with confidence

ennifer Lopez Wore an Updated Version of Her Iconic Green Dress at the Versace SS20 Show During Milan Fashion Week. Source: Getty

Of course, who wouldn't be confident with such an amazing body? According to JLo, the body type doesn't mean anything:

"Regardless of your body type, men like women who are confident and have an attitude".

4) Be disciplined. With every aspect in life

JLo trained during several months for her role in 'Hustlers'. Source: Getty

JLo trained during several months for her role in 'Hustlers', with a personal trainer, pole dancer expert and a nutritionist. Of course she is talented, but her work discipline is admirable.  

5) Eat organic. As much as you can

JLo having dinner. Source: Getty

Another point to support the traditional way of cooking and life. Go organic, it will be beneficial and more delicious!

6) Limit salt and sugar

Her genetics, workout ethics and diet make her a diva! Source: Getty

7) Workout

JLO only rests one day of the week!

She is so strict with herself that only takes one day off, normally on Sundays. Would you be able to follow her steps? Leave your comments below!

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