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JLo has just revealed her secret for looking fabulous at 51

A-Rod's fiancée is one of the hottest Hollywood stars ever! Want to know how to have a great body at 51? Well, read below because Jennifer Lopez has recently revealed one of her secrets, and you won't believe it!

  • Jennifer Lopez works out six times a week to have her amazingly fit body at 51.
  • The Hollywood diva has a specific training, and she also follows a strict diet.
  • You won't believe what her secret is! 
JLo's amazing body. Source: Daily Mail UK

Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her incredible body. People around the globe know her super toned figure. Well, yes, she trains a lot that's for sure. When the world was a normal place to live she had two personal trainers: David Kirsch and Tracy Anderson. Both of them are in charge of toning her body as we see it. JLo also works out at home. Clearly having a former professional baseball player like A-Rod living with her also helped.

Specific training

JLo and A-Rod training. Source: People

 Jennifer Lopez trains in the gym because she needs specific equipment to build up her legs and arms just like the press. However, the mother of two has also explained she works her abs like hell all the time (she does three series of 150 sic times a week).

Healthy diet

JLo promoting healthy food. Source: Yahoo

 There are some widely known secrets which everybody knows to keep fit. Avoiding alcohol, salt, carbs and sugar are the basic. Also, JLo's diets including drinking three liters and a half of water every single day. The super fit mom told our source that whenever she arranges her food plate, more than half of it is a build up of vegetables and a bit of meat (any kind of it). Extra info: JLo has not eaten a candy nor a chewing gum in five years!

 Secret diet

JLo wearing a bikini. Source: Page Six

 Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby host 'This Morning' show. On Christmas day, during an interview with JLo they revealed her diet secret! Nobody would have ever thought of it.

'One thing that J.Lo didn’t mention was her love of milk and cookies. More specifically, a cookie warmed to the perfect temperature with a glass of full-fat milk, cold' .

The star had also explained that before in 'The View' in 2019. Ale Rodriguez also shared in the same show that her girlfriend loved chocolate chip ice cream.  


Jennifer Lopez seen filming on location for 'Marry Me' at the Manhattan Center on October 22, 2019 in New York City. Source: Getty Images

 People, train, eat healthy, but be happy! That's one of JLo's secrets. She works quite a lot to have that amazing body because of her job and because it makes her feels great.

Hard work, healthy diet and wonderful genes make JLo one of the most beautiful women in the world. Source: Getty

However, if a cookie is what makes her happy every night, she eats it! Yes, Happiness is her key to looking as great as she does! To sum up, train in the morning, eat at night! 

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