JLo brought a 90s hairstyle back and it looks amazing!

JLo posts several photos on her Instagram, but when she does, we must be careful, she surely has something waiting for us. No doubt. Jennifer Lopez does things for a purpose, what could it be? Keep reading to see the picture!

  • Jenny from the block' has lately decided to endorse US next elect President, Joe Biden and VP, Kamala Harris.
  • The mother-of-two is engaged to former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez.
  • 51-year-old JLo seems to be surprising us every single day of our lives.
JLo and her two buns. Source: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez' career was clearly consecrated in the 90s, and nobody can doubt that, it's a fact. Although the great Hollywood star kept on increasing her already huge fortune, and we could see her face practically everywhere, the biggest boom in her race to success was in the 90s, just like this look! 


JLo looking great. Source: Brilio

 Chris Appleton is 'Waiting for tonight' diva's hairstylist, and he showed the latest look which has a rather old connotation. Lots of fans commented below stating it was 90s' style, or Spice Girls' like. Everybody just loved the double-buns with thick tendrils on the front. Not so long ago, Latin star showed a video where she was also wearing her hair in a similar double-bun. She commented a nostalgic 'Love don't cost a thing #TBT'. The song was released on 2001, right when the 90s were over.


JLo and her two-bun-hair.

 The girl from the Bronx has always something in store for her fans, she may be promoting something like her beauty make-up line since in Appleton's photo her total look is simply perfect. We must remember 'JLo Beauty' was partly lunched; the Instagram account has been inactive for a rather long period, but she registered the name.

The girl from the Bronx and her two buns. Source: Daily Mail

So, maybe, just maybe, now that elections are over, and she has more time to herself, the Bronx diva may have decided to finally launch her make-up line. She may also be preparing kind of a TBT of her hits from the past. Or, of course, she may just be having fun with a friend. So hard to decipher when talking about 'Jenny from the block'. We'll just have to wait and see where is she going to appear wearing a double-bun, which tendrils and a perfect make-up on. Don't forget to post your comments below.

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