J Balvin breaks records in the Latin Grammy Awards 2020

J Balvin breaks records in the Latin Grammy Awards 2020

We just talked about how McDonald's paid millions to the Latin singer to promote his meal like rapper Travis Scott. In another news that has nothing to do with what I just mentioned, Jose is already making history in the Awards ceremony by getting 13 nominations, making him the artist with the most suggestions in the 21 years of history. Read more below to find out why!  

This is what you need to know about J Balvin:

  • He was born in Colombia, 35 years ago and has a net worth of $20 million. 
  • In Medellin he has a Japanese mansion with a Ferrari in his garage, not really common around there.
  • The song "Agua" made for the Sponge Bob movie is the favorite amongst the fans of the United States.
J Balvin is the most beloved Latin musician of 2020

 From going up in the slums to being one of the biggest names in the world music industry.

Not bad Jose! You just broke records and keep making the Americans shake their hips with simple name songs (like his album "Colors" where each song is named with the basic symbol: blue, yellow, green, etc.

Record nominee of 2020

The  21st annual Latin Grammys will air on November 19th and artists like Karol G, Ozuna, Ricky Martin and the Uruguayan Jorge Drexler are nominated.

 Artists around the world complained that reggaeton was the strongest category but Balvin responded saying that "Without Reggaeton there's no Latin Grammys". He remembered 10 years ago when he was dreaming of earning a Grammy!

And believe it or not, he is right. The numbers this genre sells are way above any other. At the end, this is a business. If some understand what the public and 2020 needs, don't spread hate, spread love. And J Balvin is not only spreading love, but also millions! Congratulations!

Watch his incredible mansion in the following video:


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