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Is this the future of music in America?

The VMAs have been a small sample of what's coming in the future: streaming will be both king and queen, concerts are definitely staying virtual for a while and different nationalities and styles are starting to get bigger than the national hip hop, rock and roll and rap. But why? Read more below 

  • K-pop, reggaeton and electronic music are stepping hard into the music scene from the United States
  • Artists like Blackpink, BTS, Maluma, Rosalia and Billie Eilish are the next generation of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Backstreet Boys
  • Local trends are starting to be national and international.
American rapper, Cardi B at the BET Awards 2019

Cardi B is singing about her wet a*s pu**y, K-Pop stars about Dynamite and Blackpink are performing a duo with Selena Gomez about an ice cream. What do they all have in common? Big curves, choreography, flashy colors and baggy clothing. 

Who would have thought that a Asian group from K-pop would be on the top charts in the United States? 

Cultures are mixing. A perfect example is the latest hit from the Brazilian pop singer Anitta "Me Gusta". With Cardi B, they managed to throw an impressive mix between Spanish, English and Portuguese that is likeable everywhere in the world:

If you want to know more about trends, ask Tekashi 6IX9INE.

With his latest TUTU song, he reached almost 75 million views without getting recommended by platforms like Apple Music and Spotify (it might have something to do with him complaining about those companies in the past).

But as an excellent marketeer, he understands the "swag" and rides that wave. 

Flashy colors and baggy clothes

He works so hard towards his goals (and money) that managed to gave free CD's (who uses those in 2020 Tekashi!) to random people on the street:


Change is not coming, is already here. So let's embrace it. Let's take bright colors and weird lyrics as 'normal' and try to not prejudge on our first impression.

Take a deep breath and think why are these artists making millions. They are playing it the way the market is "telling them".

For some, like Cardi, Tekashi and Billie Eilish, they are so unique that they change the music industry in the direction they want to go. Either both, maybe in a couple of years, watching a music video with a traditional suit and dress will be the novelty!

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