Britney Spears performing

Is pop singer Britney Spears quitting live performances?

We all know by now the conservatorship issue with the entertainer. After her mental breakdown in 2007, her dad Jamie Spears manages her $220 millions. Tired of the situation, fans started the #FreeBritney movement and it seems that she has had enough of it after the Justice failed to give her back the control of her life. Read more below!

  • James works alongside Andrew Wallet, who got paid almost half million dollars per year between 2008 and 2019.
  • Wallet was paid almost a $100.000 after leaving the job in 2019, but now Britney's dad wants to bring him back on the team.
  • Britney is ready to take back her life, money and decisions. And fans are supporting her no matter what.

Apparently, Britney is taking this time when no live events are allowed to focus on getting her life back on track. And we support her. Not just because we love her and the amazing hits that we grew up with, but we love comebacks.

Britney is reado to take control. Source: Stock Adobe

We love those struggling life lessons that people and celebrities pull through after having a hard time. Talk about comebacks with the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Bellfort. He went to jail, was broke, turned his life around, Leo DiCaprio played his life, and now he has a multimillion dollar business and is sober.

Jordan Belfort and Leo DiCaprio. Source: Getty

A more recent one? Mike Majlak, the inseparable friend of Logan Paul the controversial YouTuber, who was addicted and is now the host of Impaulsive and has his own channel and clothing brand.

Now, it's Britney b*tch! (Don't get us wrong, we are just quoting the famous sentence of the singer in her 2009 hit "Gimme More"). Watch the video below!


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