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BTS vs. One Direction? Which boy band is more successful?

With BTS' rising popularity, everyone thought that they're the next One Direction! However, their fans think that the boys have surpassed One Direction in every possible way. Do we smell a rivalry between the Army and the Directioners? Well, there is some! So what you are waiting for? Scroll down and watch the video!

  • BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is followed by more than 37 million followers on Twitter.
  • They have an estimated net worth of $450 million, while One Direction has a collective net worth of $340 million.
  • The K-pop band has a higher a net worth as compared to the 1D boys but does that make them more successful?

1. Music


Both groups have produced amazing music, and we love vibing to it. BTS talks a lot about mental health, psychological issues, and daily-life ups and downs in their songs. These details are common yet very important to be discussed.

The K-pop group always tries to heal their fans through their music as their new album 'BE' talks about life in quarantine. We love this revolution BTS has brought into the music.

One Direction

On the other hand, 1D's songs were mostly of the teen-pop genre revolving around the themes like the teen-love story. However, through their media presence, they have also raised their voices against social and racial issues.

 2. Videos:

BTS at BST' set

Coming to the music videos, we cannot say that anyone does it better than BTS. Each of their video, the concept, and the set is pretty enough to blow our minds away. 1D also released good music videos but BTS' videos are on the next level.

3. Performance:

BTS performing DNA

1D is famous for its amazing performances but the members did not use to dance. They just sing while, BTS pulls off its extremely hard choreography with live singing. The members never miss a beat or do less in their singing. 

1D performing

 4. Fan base:


Talking about one of the most important points, the fandom, both bands have a dedicated bunch of people as their fans. One Direction was more famous in North America and some Asian countries.

The fandom was enormous and is even still present after 5 years of Zayn's departure from the group. And the band still get awards because their fans vote and preach their message everywhere.

BTS Army

While in the case of BTS, the estimated count of their fans is around 150 million. Though some other artists have the same number of fans, the unique thing about Armies is diversity. They belong to countries which a lot of people don't even know about! Marvelous, isn't it? 

BTS and 1D

In short, both groups are amazingly talented. People get surprised at BTS' success because they are a Korean boy band who sings in their own language.

Fans showing their love for BTS

The pop industry has always been dominated by the mainstream English-speaking artists. But BTS has shown that music is not just about a language. It's more than that! Since 'Despacito' we haven't heard any foreign song being played all around the world, but BTS said, no more! We are here to serve and treat everyone. And who can say no to them?  

We love both of the groups and wish them all the best for their future! Also, it must be a killer combination if both the bands collaborate with each other. We hope to see their encounter very soon. Do you want it too? Let us know in the comments below!

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