Harry Styles holding the LGBTQ+ flag at a concert

Is Harry Styles gay? Everything you need to know about his sexuality

His painted nails and choice of clothing has made people constantly question Harry Styles' orientation. Although his image in the public eye has always been of a womanizer, his eccentric style has always left people in doubt. Does Harry Styles swing both ways or is he a ladies' man? Scroll down to know more!

  • Harry Styles is a former member of the British boy band 'One Direction'.
  • He was born on February 1st 1996 in Redditch, United Kingdom.
  • The singer wore a dress on his Vogue cover shoot. Read about it here!
  • In The Guardian's interview, he was asked if he was gay.

His dating life

Harry Styles at the 2019 Met Gala. Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/MG19/Getty Images

In a 2019 interview, Styles addressed a popular concern regarding his preferences. Journalist Tom Lamont published his interview with him on December 14th 2019 on The Guardian's website. Tom asked him a question we're all curious about. We see Harry being cozy with other celebs (read about his new romance here!), but never regular people. When Harry was asked if he dates 'normals', his reply was,

'Um. I mean, I do. I have a private life. You just don’t know about it.'

When explicitly asked about the possibility of him having a preference for both males and females, just like expected, the artist dodged the question and wondered why people ask about it anyway.

'It’s not like I’m sitting on an answer, and protecting it, and holding it back. It’s not a case of: I’m not telling you cos I don’t want to tell you. It’s not: ooh this is mine, and it’s not yours. It’s: who cares? Does that make sense? It’s just: who cares?'

This is not the only time the singer has dodged the question regarding his orientation. In a 2013 interview with GQ, his response to the same concern was,

'I'm pretty sure I'm not.'

Sense of style 

Harry Styles with Kendall Jenner. Source: CBS photo archive/Getty Images

Even though it looks otherwise, the 'Sign of the Times' singer clarified that he doesn't try to appeal to the LGBTQ+ demographic on purpose. His album art and outfit choices are all based on his likes and dislikes. The selections are based on whether something's visually appealing to him, without considering the gender norms tied to that item. If he likes a dress, he'll wear it without caring about what other people think.

Harry Styles in a dress for the cover of Vogue. Source: Tyler Mitchell/Vogue

This speaks less about his orientation and more about him being comfortable in his masculinity and his skin. To me, that's the most attractive factor in a man. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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