Is Cardi B suing people for reposting her explicit photo? Is Cardi B suing people for reposting her explicit photo?

Is Cardi B suing people for reposting her explicit photo?

The recent storm on the Internet has been due to the rapper’s transparent photo! Surprisingly it lasted just a minute before the delete button was clicked. However, huge fan base comes with huge problems. Now the photo is circulating all over the internet and Cardi has a piece of bad news for those reposting it!

  • Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar has been the latest talk of the world as they briefly enjoy the rapper’s spicy photo that went up accidentally!
  • The rapper’s instant reaction to people spreading the explicit photo was to sue them. However, the PR team seems to be unconvinced of the suing threat as the most appropriate action. The threat story has already been taken down!
  • Cardi B has admitted to the mistake she made and the next post stated that she’s not suing anyone since it was her fault. 
The story where she threatened to sue people who reposted the picture

You know that feeling when you make a mistake and the fright of it makes you want to cover it up as soon as possible? Cardi, despite being a global celebrity, faced something similar when her explicit photo got posted accidentally!

Cardi minutes before of posting the picture

The duration of just one minute was a havoc as thousands of people viewed and screen captured the rare sight as if it was their utmost right!

Anyways, the Internet is brutal and it falls on you to be careful. Similarly, after accidentally uploading the picture, what we think must have happened out of a panic attack, the WAP singer said she would sue anyone who reposted her story!

Of course, the statement wasn’t consulted from anyone, it just came from the singer straight away. Soon after her PR team interrogated the matter, as we assume, the threat of suing was taken down from the celebrity’s profile and another message was displayed instead.

The aftermath of the situation

The celebrity seemed to make people forget what she said earlier. ‘I will not be suing anybody". Everything was forgiven and then she posted a video of her magnificent party that Playboy organized:

So this means that you're not going to be sued. However, let's just be nice citizens and forget what happened and what we saw. Or remember it but with our eyes closed! The 28-year-old certainly seems to regret her decision of even taking such images! 

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