Ariana Grande and Beyonce Ariana Grande and Beyonce

Is Ariana Grande recording with Beyonce? Fans are expecting an iconic collaboration

Beyonce is coming back to the scenarios with an album! There are rumors about a collab with Ariana Grande.

Queen B is coming back! There are just a few pop singers that can do everything. Beyonce is well known for her unreliable talent as a singer, dancer, songwriter, producer and more. These super start can co everything!

Over the last few years, this pop sensation has just dropped a few singles. Not just her fans are waiting for her new music but the whole world. The former member of Destiny's Child is nothing but a guarantee of success.

Beyonce is coming back with a studio album / Twitter @BeyonceWorldMX

There are high expectations for her upcoming project. The queen is coming back with a full album titled "Renaissance". At the moment, we got not too many details about it, anyways,  the rumored collab with Ariana Grande is making the Internet crazy.

Beyonce could be including a collab with Ariana Grande on her new album

Beyonce is getting ready to rock the industry with her upcoming album Renaissance on July 29th. There are rumors about possible collaborations with Rihana, Nicki Minaj, and Doja Cat. However, there is one that starts to look real. A track with Ariana Grande.

Beyonce leaving a recording studio in Los Angeles / Twitter @dylanbehavior

Some photos of Beyonce and Grande are all over social media right now. Apparently, these pictures were taken recently in Los Angeles. We can see both pop stars wearing comfortable clothes.

Ariana Grande in Los Angeles / Twitter @dylanbehavior

Fanatics are pointing out that they were leaving the same recording studio in the night. These pictures are increasing the rumors about the collab. The authenticity of the photos has not been confirmed, however, we all love to listen to this project.

Ariana Grande and Beyonce are some of the greatest voices in the industry. This duet would be unbelievable. We all are wishing for the collaboration to be real. Would you like to see these powerful ladies together on stage?

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