Incredible strategy Billie Eilish copied from Gene Simmons Incredible strategy Billie Eilish copied from Gene Simmons

Incredible strategy Billie Eilish copied from Gene Simmons

Billie is not dumb. On the contrary, she might be one of the most intelligent people in the United States. And she is also talented. But why not take advantage of what has worked in the past and use it in your favor? Check out the following pictures that reveal what the singer is copying from the singer of Kiss.

  • Gene Simmons, the singer of Kiss, earned a fortune of $300 with his typical black and white outfit and his famous 'tongue out' face. 
  • Billie uses also particular outfits, "baggy clothes" and sticks her tongue out in public.
  • The 'persona' Eilish created around herself is making her the most wanted and listened artist in the world by the age of just 18 years old. 
Billie copying Gene Simmons. Source: Getty

As in every aspect of this world, standing out is very difficult. Not only in your town, but in your city and of course throughout the United States even more.

The artist grew up in Los Angeles, the mecca of entertainment and music.

Raised in her house, she developed a very peculiar personality and style, different from the rest of the current singers like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus.

The trademark of Billie

In the photos it is clear that she takes (like many artists) inspiration from the great American stars. In this case, Gene Simmons.

The guitarist and singer of Kiss was famous for having thousands of women around him, but also for his outfits and gestures on stage. He was even known for spitting fire during shows!

We don't think Billie will get to that point, but no matter what she's taken as inspiration, it's working for her and very well. And check this out: The daughter of Gene Sophie even copied the style of Eilish! So it goes all the way around:

With 5 Grammys under her arm, she has a very promising present and future. Go for it Billie!

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