When did Doja Cat become famous? When did Doja Cat become famous?

How did Doja Cat become famous? This is her history to stardom

Nowadays, Doja Cat dominates the music industry internationally, how has this singer and rapper achieved such success?

Doja Cat is a very popular singer all over the world, do you know how she became so famous? This was the beginning of her history.

Doja Cat has managed to conquer millions of fans with her songs, many of them are well known as 'Say So', 'Streets', 'Woman' or 'Need To Know'. Tracks that have become the favorite ones of the audience and that some of them also went viral on TikTok.

Every Doja song is simply addictive, and has great quality and originality. This, because the singer and rapper does not limit her activities and has participation in the writing and composition of her songs. She thus embodied the most internal of her being, her thoughts and emotions for her fans.

But the great success of Doja Cat did not appear overnight. From a very young age, she decided to drop out of school to become a rapper, as she had a strong interest in the music genre. Little by little, her history grew as she released her self-produced songs through the SoundCloud platform.

At some point, the RCA Records company decided to make her part of their ranks and so she began recording music professionally. Thus were the beginnings of Doja Cat in music. But when did she become so famous?

When did Doja Cat become so famous?

Although Doja Cat's official debut could be counted from 2012 when she officially released her first single on SoundCloud, it wasn't exactly the time when she became famous. The first song to become a hit was 'Mooo!', which was released in 2018 and went viral on YouTube.

That's how with this song, Doja Cat caught the attention of a much larger audience who took notice of the original and creative style of this singer and rapper. Her path continued to grow and today she is widely recognized and awarded.

What is Doja Cat's most famous song?

We could say that 'Say So' is Doja Cat's most famous song, it became a true TikTok trend and there was no one who did not recognize this song by the singer that belongs to her album 'Hot Pink' released in 2019. The music video for this track is the rapper's most viewed with 381 million views on YouTube.


This is part of the story of Doja Cat, an incredible artist who has not stopped impressing her fans and who will soon continue to take over much of the music industry.

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