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How dancing saved Britney Spears

After New York Time's documentary  “Framing Britney Spears,” fans could see how she struggled with her fame, pressure and family. Reese Witherspoon even declared that the media treated her unfairly, but she found refugee in dancing. Watch the emotional video below. 

  • One of her Instagram dancing videos got over 1.8 million views in a day, but not many likes (less than 100.000)
  • Britney is trying to recover her financial independence.
  • Many fans are rather worried about her mental state than enjoying her moves.

When your whole life has been performing, dancing and singing are in your DNA. Britney's career started at age 11 when she starred alongside her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in the Mickey Mouse Club.

Dancing saved Britney's life. Source: Getty Images

In 1998 with only 16 years old she released her most famous single"Baby One More Time" and from there to stardom.

In her latest Instagram posts, the singer looks "lost"

After all of her ups and downs, legal fights, divorce, being a mom, abandoning her career and fighting for her conservatorship, dancing was all she had left. Even at the times when she wasn't performing. Now it's 2020, people spent a lot of their times at homes and Britney used that time to keep us entertained in social media.

Her dance moves are replicated around the world

Her latest video show a couple of dance moves, that if any mortal would upload them, we would certainly receive a lot of bullying.

Worried Britney fans

First, because they are extremely complicated dance moves, and secondly because of the style. Britney even got some haters but most of the comments were about how fascinated people are with her moves.

Others were more positive!

Despite what you might think, what we see is an incredible artist who still has it. Her twirling, incredible moves, leg position reflect ages of training, practice and perfect execution. Not in vain is Britney still considered one of the greatest performers in history. Despite all of her problems, dancing will always save this pop singer. 

Watch the video:

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