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How Post Malone spends his fortune

The 'Circles' singer has grossed a $24 million fortune. His expenses seem to match his earnings. You won't believe how and where the rapper spends his money! Scroll down to learn every detail about it! 

  • Post Malone spent every cent he earned before reaching stardom.
  • His mansion demands a lot of money.
  • Justin Bieber's friend spends huge amounts on food delivery apps.
Singer Post Malone. Source: Reddit

Before achieving stardom, Malone earned just $800 a month. Once he got in on his hands, he seemed to have already spent all of it. Things have clearly improved for the American rapper. Now, he told Rolling Stone he had a  Rolls-Royce Wraith and a pair of $1,700 slippers. The famous singer has a Lamborghini too. Austin is super into cars, he changes them almost every single year. O.K. true, he exchanges them, so the amount of money sent is not the same. Actually, he seems to be quite a good businessman.

Post Malone having a Bud Light Beer . Source: Complex

TMZ said the rapper spent $8000 just on Popeye's biscuits. Amazingly, Justin Bieber's friend also loves delivery apps. Yes, true. Believe it or now, whenever he goes on a tour somewhere outside his hometown, he orders food using PostMates. Incredible as it may sound, he managed to spend $40000 on the app in only one year.

Post Malone in the woods. Source: Music Journal

How many orders did he take? Probably a million to get to such a huge amount! The star posted a photo of his whole crew on a tour in 2018, and he seemed to have ordered food for absolutely everyone. If that is always the case, it makes sense. If not, any person would ask where has he put all that food for the year!

Post Malone Salt Lake City mansion. Source: TMZ

Last but not least, he has a mansion outside Salt Lake City, Utah. His residence was worth $3 million. The cost always, always matches the expenses. To maintain such a house, lots of money is needed. The songwriter spends almost $7 million per year on his home.

Malone's mansion from the heights. Source: Estately

If you are Post Malone you have to spend money. Having it just for the sake of having it is not enough nor good either. Posty is really into cars and keeps his mansion in good conditions. That requires a lot of money. Apparently, he knows how to make ends meet. Most importantly, he knows how to spend all the money he gets! 

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