How Jennifer Lopez earned $9 million per day

JLo came from the Bronx and had to work really hard to make herself known in the Hollywood business. Being a Latina wasn't easy back in 1991. The 'In the morning' singer managed to earn $9 million per day on a movie. Want to know the whole story? Scroll down and don't miss a single detail! 

  • The mother of two has a net worth of $400 million.
  • 51-year-old JLo wasn't paid what she deserved because of her roots, experts say.
  • Thanks to 'The wedding planner' she was offered $9 million per day.
  • Jennifer Lopez became Hollywood's best paid Latina in 2001. 

Always the same roles

JLo as Marisa in 'Maid in Manhattan'. Source: Alamy

 Starting off back in 1991 wasn't an easy task for a girl from the Bronx who had Puerto Rican blood running through her veins. Being a Latina made her always play the part of the maid or dishwasher. I mean, there is really no problem in any of such roles, but the hitmaker grew tired of always playing them. She needed a change! The 51-year-old star needed to go beyond that 'safe place'.

'I was like, 'I don't want to do that,' I had to kind of break out of that and convince somebody to put me in the first romantic comedy, which I think was 'The Wedding Planner.' (Director) Adam Shankman put me in that movie'

Her payday before 2001

JLo playing Selena's part in 'Selena' in 1997. Source: Buzz Feed

 JLo also realized her payday was far less than the rest of the actors and actresses who were not Latin. A-Rod's fiancée thought she deserved way more, at least the same as the rest of the American stars. The Grammy Awards nominee didn't want to settle for what she thought was not enough.  So, when Lopez reached her highest possible salary, she started refusing parts because of the money she was offered. Saying NO to some roles was actually the key to getting where she is today.

$9 million payday

Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez In 'The Wedding Planner'. Source; Getty Images

 JLo's agent, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, managed to get what the star deserved. Everything changed when deciding who was going to play the main part in 'The wedding planner'. Adam Shankman, the movie director, finally offered her $9 million.

'Then, (Adam) came to one of my record signings, and he said, 'Give her whatever she wants'

Finally, Jennifer Lopez became Hollywood's best paid Latina thanks to that film! She did it! After all, the mother of two deserved the same (or more) as the rest of the stars. Although 'The wedding planner' didn't receive the best reviews from the critics, it grossed over $94 million. We all agree she made a terrific job, right?  


Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez In 'The Wedding Planner'. Source: Getty Images

 'The idea that somebody like me, from my background, who was a woman, could garner that type of price in this industry. It was a big deal'

Thankfully the star fought for what she was worth! Jennifer Lopez clearly deserved (and still does!) to be paid the exact same amount as the rest or more. Bonus info! On the same week (January 2001) 'The wedding planner' topped the box office, her album 'J-Lo' also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Wow! Jennifer Lopez became the first star to ever have a No. 1 in both film and album on the exact same week. Honey, you deserve every single dollar you have ever made! 

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