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How Dua Lipa helped her fans with their love life

Are you tired of hearing that it's not you it's me? That shouldn't be a problem in 2021 and Dua Lipa has the best solution. Well, we believe that social distancing has made you strong enough to endure one of the cheesiest dates of the year without regretting that you dared to walk away from that toxic person in your life. Watch the video below to find out!  

  • The singer surpassed with 7.9 billion streams on Spotify, and it's the first female in history to reach that number.
  • “We’re Good” is part of the Future Nostalgia the Moonlight Edition. 
  • Dua Lipa has more than 60 million followers on Instagram.

The new Dua Lipa video of ""We Are Good" has more than 28 million views on YouTube and this number increases with the passing of the minutes, and yes you read that right. The new song by this young artist claims it as one of the best of all time, Well, her new record on Spotify positions her again in the music market, and in the world, as the best female and young singer today.

The song cover of "We Are Good" by Dua Lipa

Without a doubt, Valentine's Day usually leaves us a little sensitive. Whether you have a couple or not, what is considered the most commercial day on the planet also tends to remind us of the most catastrophic episodes of our love life.

Dua Lipa speaks in her song about a couple who decide to go their separate ways, but while looking at each other in the distance. Maybe this situation looks familiar to you, or maybe not, but the truth is that many seem to suffer from the same love sickness.

“Let’s end this like we should and say we’re good”

The London singer spoke on her Instagram account to thank her followers for the great support she has received in recent days. “Future Nostalgia” has received six Grammy Award nominations, competing with Taylor Swift's most recent album called “Folklore”.  

Dua Lipa posing for her new album cover. Source: The Times

Dua Lipa's latest post managed to get over a million hearts on her Instagram account, and we can't question the charm of the "We're Good" singer. His latest single continues to win over music lovers worldwide.

“Lets at least agree to go our separate ways. Not going to judge you when you’re with somebody else. As long as you swear you won’t be pissed when I do it myself”. 


In case you don't find someone to spend this special date with, don't worry. Spending time alone will never be a sin; although you may not have realized it, because the one from London emphasized the freedom that love contains. No one will blame you for choosing between your friends, your forbidden love, or staying alone, but always remember to honor Dua Lipa and “end that as you should” and “always say that you are good”.

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