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How Cardi B bribes her daughter to get what she wants

Cardi B’s love for her daughter Kulture gives us major mother-daughter duo goals! Cardi is setting the bar for moms too high as she puts much attention in getting Kulture's clothing designed by brands such as Gucci. She loves to take Kulture's pictures in these branded clothes so much that Cardi bribed Kulture with cookies to get her photoshoot done. Want to know exciting details about the cutest photoshoot of 2021? Continue reading to find out.

  • Cardi B is a 28-year-old American rapper and songwriter. 
  • She gave birth to Kulture on July 10th 2019.
  • Cardi and Offset pour a lot of love into their parenthood and this makes Kulture a very lucky girl!

There is one thing regarding which Kulture gives her rapper mom a very hard time. Any guesses? Well, it’s when Cardi wants to get Kulture’s pictures! She is one of the most hyperactive celebrity babies and wouldn’t sit quietly in one place. This makes it very hard for anyone to take Kulture’s pictures. 

Cardi B and Offset with daughter Kulture

But Cardi figured a way out of this chaos! She and Offset bribed Kulture with cookies to make her sit at one place and get her photoshoot done! These adorable pictures of Kulture in a denim jacket and a pink hairband were posted by Cardi on her Instagram on February 21 2021. Kulture is also seen wearing reebok sneakers and eating the cookies she was bribed with! Mission successful for Cardi!

If you’re a Cardi B fan then you’d know that Kulture is her world! From throwing lavish birthday parties for Kulture to getting her custom-made branded clothes from Gucci and Versace, Cardi does it all! 


Cardi B

Cardi says she was meant to be a girl mom and we don’t think there’s any lie in this statement. She is an amazing mother to Kulture and I hope it stays that way. Do you have any tips for Cardi on how to manage motherhood? 



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